ECG Stampede:

Stampede Mode

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How to Play

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The Setting

Welcome to the wild west. You’re an attending at a busy county hospital, and beds are scarce. Today is particularly bad, with hordes of patients checking in every minute. You can’t see them, but you need a way to triage them, so your tech brings you stacks of ECGs from the waiting room.
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The Exercise

Review the 10 ECGs presented to you and assess their acuity. Of the ECGs presented, you can label:

Code STEMI: Activate the cath lab

Room Immediately: Use up an open bed or bump a bedded patient.

Next Available: Move to the top of the waiting room.

Waiting Room: They're ok to wait.

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The Reward

You get points for not running out of time and for getting the triage destination correct.

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