ECG Stampede is an innovative curriculum for residents, medical students and all healthcare providers looking for a fun, easy way to learn how to read ECG's.

Online Classroom

How We're Different

Online First

We know how modern learners work and the old ways just aren't cutting it. ECG Stampede's video-based curriculum is easy to follow along when you're at the gym or just have a few minutes to spare

Free Content

In the true spirit of the #FOAMed movement, the best parts of ECG Stampede are completely free! Take our award-winning course or play the Stampede Game anytime.


We train you to ace the hardest part of ECG interpretation and you'll have a blast doing it. If you can quickly triage ECG's you know what you're doing.

Fun & Rewarding

Have fun while you're learning by earning beats every time you play the Stampede and see how you stack up against Stampeders around the world. You'll also win rewards as you complete courses!



Unique ECG's


Awards & Recognition

Don't just take our word for it, ECG Stampede has been recognized for it's innovative design and unique approach to ECG education.
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