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Welcome to the ECG Stampede Free Curriculum! In this course, you'll get a taste of our ECG curriculum, covering some of the basics and getting into a few complex topics. If you like the content, you can buy the complete curriculum. You'll need to register for an account enroll, but you can also preview the first unit's content without an account.

The Process

1. Primer

Used just to gauge your current understanding, answer these as best as you can.

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2. Video

Learn with Drs. Cooper and Giordano and follow along with the course materials.

3. Practice

Take at the end of each unit to see how much you've learned!

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4. Stampede

Let's put you to the test, triage a few ECG's related to the content you just covered.

Each unit starts with a primer to get a sense of your current level of understanding. Then, join Drs. Cooper and Giordano as they work their way through various ECG's in the unit's video. When you're done, there's a practice and a Stampede where you'll put your newly-gained triage skills to the test.

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