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We've used ECG Stampede to deliver a high-quality, well-received, remote learning opportunity for hundreds of medical students at McGovern Medical School.


Enrolled students receive an introductory email providing access to the ECG Stampede Full Curriculum. The two-week course is graded as pass/fail based on completion of all units and their associated elements (primer, practice and stampede).

Student participating in video classroom


Our course includes virtual teaching sessions with participating faculty each week. During these video sessions, students can ask questions that arise during the course, request a focused review of challenging subjects or practice ECG interpretation as a group.

Course Coordination

Managing course cohorts is a breeze. The ECG Stampede Leader Dashboard allows one or multiple course leaders to manage enrollment, view student progress, and generate reports.

The videos were enjoyable to watch and I liked the banter between the two physicians. I really enjoyed going through several ECGs and then the mini lessons following the ECGs. As a medical student, I haven't experienced such a thorough and easy to understand EKG lesson until now.

Medical Student

McGovern Medical School

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